The Things We Need To Live

The products we handle at Nakajima Electric are the essentials needed to build an infrastructure for human life. Naturally, these include electric wire and cable; but we also handle a wide range of products such as electric appliances, electronic components, and wiring materials. These products are put to use in civil engineering, construction, machinery, communications, and many other fields, where they support comfortable lifestyles for people all around the world. We also have a long track record in fields that are essential to sustaining human life, such as, power generating plants, waste treatment plants, and water purification plants. Creating things that people need to live continues to be our source of pride and our unchanging dream.
Product Lines Developed To Meet Market Needs
Electric Wire and Cable
A rich lineup of diverse products from electric wire for appliances to high-tension cables to eco-friendly electric wire.
Cabtyre Cable
Industrial-use and general-purpose rubber cables and high-quality cable for robots and other high-tech applications.
Wire Harness
Packed with several hundred fine wires that work like a biological nerve system. These harnesses are tailored for heavy machinery and various industrial fields.
Wire Harness for Construction Machinery
These are the nerve systems of construction machinery (heavy equipment) that convey necessary information and energy to the machines. We make them compact, lightweight, and reliable to keep up with the cyber demand of today's technology.
Cabtyre Power Cable for reefer container use
Waterproof Connector
Ideal for heavy-duty use in humid or watery locations.
Electric Wire Protective Pipe/Protective Tube/Heat-Shrinkable Tube
A wide range of applications from plastic pipes to insulating tubes. You name it, we provide it.
Binding and Clamp Materials
Safe and inexpensive materials for binding or anchoring electric wire, hoses, piping, etc.
Terminal Blocks and Connectors
A wide assortment of products that cover a capacity range of 10A to 600A; available in various terminal shapes.
Crimping Terminals and Connectors
A wide assortment of products to suit your electrical needs. We have all kinds of terminal interfaces.