A Link to Humanity, a Link to the Future

Our company slogan highlights our desire to contribute to building the essential infrastructures that people need to live while helping to create a future of abundance in the world. However, we will never forget that we humans are an integral part of nature.

In the twentieth century, humanity transformed the structure of industry with the dramatic advancement of scientific technologies, taking a triumphant step toward "creating a happy future." By the end of that century, however, we were holding a life of conveniences and comfort in one hand and the burden of environmental pollution in the other. Now, at the start of the twenty-first century, we at Nakajima Electric are rethinking the traditional approach of pursuing only conveniences and comfort, and are offering products that we developed by asking ourselves, "How can we create an infrastructure of abundance and at the same time coexist with nature?" Our hope is that the electric wire will be the link to humanity’s happiness and to a future of worldwide abundance.