Worldwide Recognition of "Made in Japan" Products

The manufacture of any product is strictly controlled by standards and laws in every country--which means that the products we put on the market have cleared diverse standards and laws in various countries. In fact, our job is to plan and procure products that fully satisfy conditions in countries all over the world, not just in Japan. As part of our future plans, moreover, we are thinking of tackling “international standards” that are accepted in all the regions of the world. At Nakajima Electric, we are taking a fresh approach to creating "Made in Japan" products that are recognized worldwide.

Plants and Performance Records
World map
Domestic Plants

Domestic Plants

Aomori prefecture / Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited Rokkasho Village

Aichi and Mie prefectures / Chubu Electric Power Company Power Plant

Fukui prefecture / Kansai Electric Power Company Nuclear Power Plant

Tokushima, Kagawa, and Ehime prefectures / Shikoku Electric Power Company Nuclear Power Plant

Delivery of Cables for Nuclear Power


Japan Highway Public Corporation (West of Tokai)

Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority

Shuto Expressway

Hanshin Expressway

Toll booths of above-mentioned roads

Delivery of toll collection systems and transmission cables  


Overseas Plants

Airport Equipment
Terminal 6
Tough rubber-sheathed cable for extreme bending and mobile applications
Delivery of all types of signal wires

Shanghai Grand Theater
Beijing Grand Theater

Delivery of tough rubber-sheathed cable for mobile applications

Hong Kong
Tough rubber-sheathed cable for mobile applications
Delivery of fireproof cable

Syrian Arab Republic/Banias etc.
Azerbaidjan Republic
Vietnam/Phu My
Thailand/Wang Noi
Indonesia/Muara Karang
U.A.E. Dubai

Thermal power plants in above-mentioned countries
Delivery of cable and wire harnesses

Asyut Thermal Power Plant
Delivery of lighting equipment made by Glamox Co., Ltd. (Norway)

Anbara Thermal Power Plant
Delivery of lighting equipment made by Crompton Co., Ltd. (India)