Our Planet's Faraway Future

At Nakajima Electric, we remain committed to the health of our planet. That is why we—both as a company and as individuals—choose business practices and a way of life that maintains harmony with the natural environment. For example, the plastic that we use to coat wire is made of materials that generate no toxic gases or impurities if they are burned in a fire. As one of the first companies to develop an awareness of environmental conservation, we marked our 50th anniversary in 1999 by entering into a contract with Japan's Forestry Agency to register part of an old-growth forest in northwestern Shiga prefecture as the "Nakajima Electric Foundation Forest." Since then, each of our employees has learned the value of the natural environment firsthand by participating in the preservation of nearby forests.
In 2004, we established "Eco Projects" within the company in order to implement eco-friendly initiatives and acquire certification of registration with the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems in 2005.
At the root of our thinking is the belief that our future rests on a way of life in harmony with nature.